Hello everyone!

I’m proud to announce the new home of Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber!


For the past year I’ve been blogging here about all sorts of things; knitting, vacations, school, the process of dyeing yarn.. And I plan to continue, right here! So update your bookmarks, bloglines and links if you haven’t already and check out the new site, there’s lots of exciting announcements ahead.

Silk Cashmere Fingering - part of The Grey Collection


Thought you might enjoy a peak at what I’ve been up to these past few weeks!

The New Super Sweet Sock

The new Super Sweet Sock now contains 80% Superwash Merino & 20% Nylon for extra strength and toughness when it comes to your super sweet socks!

Super Sweet Sock - 80% SW Merino 20% Nylon

Merino Lace

A new lovely Merino Lace weight..

Merino Lace – 100% Superwash Merino @ 960 yards per skein!

Merino Lace

And some new colours in the much loved Merino Twist!

Merino Twist - 100% SW Merino

If you’d like to see some more of my hand dyed yarns check out my 2010 set on Flickr.

A couple weeks ago I spent 5 days in Seattle, Washington with Jason. We were lucky enough to book a ridiculously cheap hotel for our stay.  Apart of me was slightly apprehensive about this too-good-to-be-true situation, having stayed in and experienced the “quirks” of several cheap hotels during my life so far.

Luckily, the hotel was lovely. Complimentary breakfasts, cookies in the afternoon, a long balcony where you could see the space needle from and a shower head placed several comfortable feet above my head (I’m honestly only 6 feet tall, but there was this one time when the place I was staying at had the shower head at shoulder height, definitely makes washing long hair difficult!)

We of course visited Pike Place. Before going there I had been told it was Seattle’s version of Granville Island. There were many more merchants selling souvenirs and hand made items at Pike Place than I had expected. I bought a beautiful ceramic dish and met a few fellow artists.

Sadly I was without a pen, the entire sitting area is marked with names and dates and little notes from the past.

We also lost ourselves in this lovely antique shop that appeared tiny from the outside but stretched on for rooms and rooms and rooms. It was full of some of my favourite things, sparkly jewels and old trinkets.

Though I must admit visiting the very first Starbucks was the highlight of my day..

It’s tucked so neatly in between the other shops that we nearly walked right by it. For those of you who have never seen the original Starbucks logo, check it out..

On our way back to Canada we stoped in Everett to visit the Future of Flight Aviation Center where we went on the Boeing tour. We got to see various Boeing planes in different points of assembly. The building was absolutely huge. We had to take a shuttle between doors and travel by foot though underground tunnels to various viewing stations. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to take my camera with me, or any personal belongings or electronic devices for that matter (they’ve got a few pictures on their website). But I did get to capture a few shots in the museum!

I’m excited to announce that I am holding a giveaway for all those participating in the Calais KAL held by the Beginning Lace Knitters group on Ravelry. There are a couple guidelines for the giveaway but anyone on Ravelry can join! For more information check out this thread here.

Here are the prizes up for grabs..

A skein of the beautiful merino silk blend that was used to design the Calais shawl.
Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber Silk Merino Fingering

A skein of my super soft & squishy merino, cashmere, nylon blend in a gorgeous green.
Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Sock

And two separate sets of my super cute mini enamel stitch markers!

I look forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful Calais Shawls!

Calais Shawl by Judy Marples

A great friend and co worker of mine has recently designed a gorgeous spring shawl using Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber’s Silk Merino Fingering. It’s so exciting to watch the number of projects increase daily on Ravelry and to see that the Beginning Lace Knitters Group has picked it for their April 2010 knit a long.

If you’d like to check out the Calais Shawl for yourself you can find the blog post & download link on Judy’s blog, Purl Bumps.

I may be a tad bias, but I’m addicted. Maybe it’s the new bamboo needles. Maybe it’s my silky yarn. Maybe it’s the rhythm of 3’s repeated in the pattern. Or maybe it’s the fact that my school and it’s studios are closed the Monday before all my final projects are due and I’m trying to keep it together.

I cannot stop knitting this.

I’ve been busy. Reeeeeally busy. Our formal dining room has officially become my fibre studio for the month. The table is under there somewhere, and if you look really close you can still see a couple of chairs. I’m proud to say I’ve managed to dye, twist and label over 250 skeins of yarn this past month for this year’s much anticipated Fibres West.

I’m also very excited to be introducing several new yarns..

Cashmerino Sock

80% Merino
10% Cashmere
10% Nylon

115g – 372y/340m

28sts/4″ – 3-3.5mm

Unbelievably soft. You’ll have to come feel this one for yourself.

Merino Twist

100% Superwash Merino

115g – 400y/366m

26-28sts/4″ – 2.5-3mm

Soft Sea Merino

70% Superwash Merino
30% SeaCell

115g – 372y/340m

26-28sts/4″ – 2.5-3mm

Like the Merino Twist, but with an added bonus of lovely SeaCell.

Sea Silk

60% SeaCell
40% Silk

115g – 700y/640m

Lace / 2ply

Simply stunning.

Fibres West 2010

I’m excited to announce that Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber will be having a booth at this year’s Fibres West. It will be held March 26th & 27th at the AgRec Building on the Abbotsford Exhibition Park Grounds. More details can be found here.

Between now and then I will be updating the blog with pictures and details of new base yarns I will be introducing at the show. Here’s a sneak peak at the newest one..

Silk Merino Fingering

50% Silk 50% Merino




This yarn is an absolutely gorgeous knit. Great for socks and light summer shawls.

I’ve just started a Multnomah by Kate Flagg in it, check it out below.